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Pressure Fractures

"Pressure Fractures" is about life, childhood, misfortune, school bullying, lack of love, backstabbing.
Living your life in harmony with your own principles. Sail away to farthest North, fight your battle in isolation....

And see your life through a key the age of five.

We are currently working with our debut album "Pressure Fractures" which will be published during this year. Recordings are now in last phase, and soon we start the mixing process of the whole album. But before all this recording, there was idea of "prog rock" album in Janne Nevalainen´s head, a long time ago....

Janne says:

Since my childhood I have always listened complex rock music, starting from Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes and so on. Very close to my heart has always been Finnish prog-rock bands like Wigwam ( and each member´s solo albums also. ) , Tasavallan Presidentti, Finnforest....great music, even today.

When I grew older, pure musical expression was not  enough. The stories and emotional feeling started to mean more than musical complexity. Two bands and their certain albums are the ultimate example how to incorporate music into the story: "Pink Floyd: The Wall" and another masterpiece is "The Who: Quadrophenia".

I don´t want to say that these are the only ones, but for me these are the most important. Most of the readers do know, that both of these albums have been the sources for the movies too.

So, if  I ever wanted to create something, it should reach into the similar "levels"...specially in emotional level. In the beginning of this millennium, I had several songs, composed under the label "prog rock"...but the ideas were lacking, and real meaning was missing.

All was to be changed, when I met Harri Kokkonen, our drummer.

First years with Janne and Harri ( 2002-2006 )

Harri has always been more into the straight-forwarding emotional feeling in music, where I have been always lost my mind in Yes/Rush -type of "sagas" where you end in 7/8 rhythm patterns combined with seven synth layers...but there has been many links between our musical interests, like : Dream Theater, Queensryche, Deep Purple, and later we have found interest in  good 80´es bands like Foreigner, Journey, and many not-so-well-known hard-rock bands that I had no idea before Harri introduced them to me.

Perhaps it was year 2002 when we arranged first jam-session, just me and Harri. Piano and drums.

When I gave demonstration about my songs, It was clear from the first second when Harri started to play that this was going to be much more heavier, stronger stuff than I had in mind. I had some kind of idea of "prog drums" like some basic beat and a lot of swoosh-sounds with cymbals, hah hah.

First song where we found the "Cozhe sound" was THE CAVE. This was the point where Harri´s drumming ideology paved a way to whole thing: there should be pressure in music and pressure in the songs and lyrics. Soon I started to drop out songs that had no meaning.

From the beginning of our sessions, we had a lot of talking, telling stories of our life and of our friends also. Somehow we realized that we both have a lot of passed-away friends. This was the starting for the ideology behind the "Pressure Fractures". Life isn´t easy, when someone destroys it in your first years.

Somehow, it is not easy to fully describe the songs and every idea that influenced to them, we would like to leave something for you own imagination too. Later we may "open" the songs more, if someone asks, we might tell a bit more.

First  four years, we played together, just drums and piano. It was really great time, to incorporate drum beats, accents with lyrics, and I had to start re-think my playing totally from the beginning. Less notation, more expression. If we would have a full band from the beginning, perhaps we wouldn´t found this method . I had been a more like jam-session musician, playing a lot of blues-rock and also ska/reggae, with organs, so my playing wasn´t so tight that this music demanded.

I wrote exact notation of the songs, and that was good point to start "cut the dead leaves off.". Luckily, I had formal piano- and theory classes in my childhood, so I had technique to write notation down, and think music harmonies, chords etc. This helped a lot of the next phase:

Creation of the band COZHE.